My Streats and NCASS Join Forces to Elevate the Street Food Industry


We are so excited to announce our partnership with the Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS), to revolutionise the way street food businesses operate and enhance the experience for consumers across the UK.

As an NCASS member, you’ll receive a 6-month free trial on the My Streats app.

Vendors will also benefit from an array of valuable resources and benefits, in addition to our app, of course! Here’s a glimpse of what the collaboration entails…


Pioneering a successful industry through aligned values

At My Streats, we are passionate about supporting a vibrant street food culture that enriches our communities. Joining forces with NCASS was the natural next step in our mission to support street food vendors.

NCASS has been supporting the catering and hospitality sector for over 30 years, equipping business owners with the necessary knowledge to thrive in a highly competitive market by:

• Raising food safety standards
• Educating businesses on industry updates
• Showcasing vendors and caterers across the industry
• Giving vendors access to exclusive resources and tools

What’s more, is that they’re foodies just like us! They all have a genuine love of food, and their passion translates into the work they do.


Promotion and exposure

NCASS and My Streats exist to help food and drinks businesses succeed.

When you join My Streats, you’ll be added to our live map so you can reach new customers and keep loyal fans updated of your schedule. We want to share you and your delicious food far and wide so as well as featuring on the app, we’ll constantly share vendors on our socials and blog.

NCASS members are added to their database of caterers which means people looking for food just like yours can easily find you for events.


A strengthened and supportive community

NCASS has a strong member community, something that’s very important to us too.

We believe that collaboration within the industry is the key to success. By creating My Streats, we hope that vendors can collectively drive innovation and raise the bar for the industry by spending more time cooking the food they love and engaging with customers, and less time on behind-the-scenes admin such as sharing schedules and updating menus.

NCASS is constantly showing support for its members. Recently, it has been campaigning to the government on several issues, including how VAT cuts and a review of VAT thresholds are vital for the hospitality industry.

You can read the latest updates on the #empowerindepdendents campaign and find out how we can all help make a change here.

Expanding street food’s reach

Together, My Streats and NCASS forge a powerful alliance with the goal of propelling the street food industry forward. By aligning our resources and expertise, we are determined to break new ground in terms of quality, innovation, and customer experience.

We invite street food vendors across the UK to embark on this exciting journey with us. The more vendors and customers there are on the app, the more visibility and success the catering industry receives.

Join My Streats to become part of a vibrant community that strives for collective growth. Together, we’ll build on the street food landscape and create memorable experiences for foodies nationwide!


Become an NCASS member to receive 6-months free on My Streats.

Already a member? Download My Streats and start your trial today. With your support, we can pave the way for a flavourful future!