5 payment systems to make service smoother

Exploring Square, Dojo, PayPal and more…


We live in a fast-paced digital world, and if you’re in the street food industry, you’ll know that running a food van can feel even faster! With the rise of contactless payments and mobile wallets, businesses need robust and efficient payment solutions to keep up with customer demands. 

Furthermore, according to research by Dojo, 71% of consumers say the current financial climate has changed how they feel about customer experience. They expect more from businesses, place more importance on service, and are more likely to be disappointed. In fact, two-thirds of consumers say would pay more if they’d had great service.

Designed to streamline transactions and enhance the customer experience, payment systems can help revolutionise your business – but which one is right for you?


1. Dojo

Dojo is an emerging player in the payment system landscape for UK street food vendors. Dedicated to helping businesses grow, Dojo offers unique features that cater to the specific needs of the industry and allows you to receive your takings the very next day, for free.

Crucially, Dojo offers 7-day tech support (8am-11pm) from a team that can even log into your device remotely, to help out when you need a hand (and you’re far too busy using your own!).

Dojo’s user-friendly app and tailored solutions make it an exciting option for vendors seeking flexibility and efficiency in their payment processing.


Dojo’s rates:

• Card Present Transactions: 1.4% + 5p per transaction

• £20.00 monthly terminal fee


“Our most valuable tech is contactless payment. Since we’ve started, we’ve noticed a real benefit.” – Monnow Bridge Fish and Chip Shop


2. Square

Square, a renowned and user-friendly payment system, has gained immense popularity among UK street food vendors. It’s small, sleek and has a very intuitive point-of-sale (POS) system that enables vendors to accept payments through contactless cards, mobile wallets, and chip and pin.

With no lock-in contracts, Square’s flat-rate pricing system simplifies fee calculations, making it an appealing option for small businesses.


Square’s rates:

• Card Present Transactions: 1.75% per transaction

• No monthly processing fees or setup costs (on the free plan) but you’ll need to buy a reader or terminal


“The main benefit for us was the super easy user experience for the front-of-house team. Learning how to use the Square products was really seamless.” – Anna Mansfield, Buns From Home Operations Manager


3. Zettle by PayPal

Under the umbrella of PayPal, Zettle is another popular choice for vendors seeking a seamless payment solution. Zettle’s portable card readers let you process payments on the go, while its comprehensive point-of-sale app offers features like inventory management and sales analytics.

As well as being transparent with no hidden costs, Zettle fees are on the low-side compared with similar payment solutions.


Zettle’s rates:

• Card Present Transactions: 1.75% per transaction

• No monthly fees or setup costs but you’ll need to buy a reader or terminal


“With Zettle, we are able to process payments quickly and reliably. I like the pay as you go system, which means no matter how much you sell, you only pay the fixed commission fee. From a software point of view, I really like the bulk uploading of products/services you sell.”


4. SumUp

SumUp is a reliable and cost-effective payment system that has gained traction among UK street food vendors. With its compact card readers and straightforward pricing structure, SumUp is an excellent option for vendors seeking economical yet convenient payment options. 

Choose from 3 pocket-sized readers, depending on your business’ needs, for a truly portable experience.


SumUp’s rates:

• Card Present Transactions: 1.69% per transaction

• No monthly fees or setup costs other than the one-time device cost


“I love traveling with my SumUp reader knowing I will always be able to very easily make in-person sales. The card reader is very easy to use and keeps the customer flow moving very quickly.” – Designer/Owner


5. Barclaycard Payment Solutions

Barclaycard Payment Solutions is another payment solution designed with small businesses in mind. With vendors in mind, it prioritises the security of transactions to protect both businesses and their customers.

Benefit from real-time analytics and reporting tools that offer insights into sales trends, peak hours, and customer preferences to help you optimise your operations, marketing strategies, and identify areas for improvement. 

Barclaycard Payment Solutions provides your hand-held device, software package, and portal access for one fixed fee of £29 plus VAT per month.


Barclaycard Payment Solutions’ rates:

• Card Present Transactions: starting from 1.6% per transaction

• Fixed fee of £29 plus VAT per month, with £0 cancellation costs


Choosing the right payment system is a pivotal decision for UK street food vendors. Each of the featured payment systems offers distinct features, competitive rates, and user-friendly interfaces tailored to the unique needs of this thriving industry.

When evaluating your options, consider factors such as transaction volume, card-present versus card-not-present sales, and customer support.

A huge game changer for the street food industry is that if you run into technical issues with your card terminal, many payment systems will allow you to take payments via your mobile, meaning you won’t have to turn any business away whilst you’re waiting for the issue to be resolved!

By carefully weighing these considerations, as well as any other features your business requires, you can ensure a seamless and efficient payment process that allows you to focus on delivering culinary creations for customers!